Gennaro Amitrano


There is a great family atmosphere in Gennaro Amitrano’s restaurant in Capri. Every dish is prepared with passion and care to only offer recipes which enhance the best of Italian tradition, using only quality products from all parts of the country.

If you eat at the Gennaro Amitrano Restaurant, you really have to try the traditional aubergine parmigiana. It’s incredible how tasty and flavourful such an apparently simple dish can be. And then also the traditional cappellaci with cheese, black pepper and pears, Chianina heifer steak with Bernese sauce and the creme brûlée ravioli.


Located in the world’s most famous little square, the Gennaro Amitrano restaurant is a cosy, intimate and quiet place. Just twenty seats in Via dell’Abate 3 in the heart of Capri’s historic centre. A restaurant with incredibly delicious dishes based on simple ingredients where people who love good food and good living can relax and feel pampered like at home.

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Opening time
March, April and October open Tuesday to Sunday

Open from 1 May to 30 September every day

Mondays open by reservation only
12:30 – 14:30 / 19:30 – 23:00

Tel: 0818378380

Ristorante Gennaro Amitrano – Via L’Abate, 3 – Capri (NA)