Marina Piccola

by Gennaro Amitrano

Together with his wife Marianna Vertecchi, Amitrano had the dream of opening an authentic Italian restaurant.

This is the idea behind the Marina Piccola restaurant: simple dishes, few ingredients, short cooking times and quality products; characteristics shared by all of the chef’s creations.

The menu also includes pizza, one of the symbols of Italian and Neapolitan cuisine. Two must-try pizzas are Pizza Amatriciana and Pizza Genovese with tuna.


Marina Piccola is one of the most exclusive and picturesque corners of Capri, the favourite spot of Gennaro and Marianna. Located on the south side of the island and protected by a sheer rock face at the back, Marina Piccola is always warm and not windy. The perfect place for enjoying the traditional and flawlessly simple dishes of chef Amitrano.

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Opening time
12:30 – 15:30 / 19:30 – 23:00

Tel: 0812187550

Ristorante Marina Piccola by Gennaro Amitrano – Via Marina Piccola, 120 – Marina Piccola (NA)